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Sound Control Music Rhythm Light

Sound Control Music Rhythm Light

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Product information
Lamp shape: Digital lamp
Shade material: Acrylic
Lamp holder material: PVC
Switch type: Voice-activated
Voltage: 5V (V)
Dimensions: 181*16*18.5mm

3style : 32  lamp beads - white - APP control

4style : 32   lamp beads - black- APP control

5style:40 lamp beads-silver D09 - APP control
6style:40 lamp beads-black D09 - APP control
7style:3D-D10  (battery+USB+APP control)

10style:16 lamps - White- APP control
11style:16 lamps - Black- APP control

13style:32 lamps - S ilver material - APP control

Size Information
5V (charging), 5V (plugging in)

Plastic lamp *1

charge cable*1

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