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Car dent repair puller car dent repair tool

Car dent repair puller car dent repair tool

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1. The dent repair tool cannot guarantee that all dents can be repaired, so if you have any questions, please consult customer service before buying. Whether your car can be repaired with this repair product.

2. The applicable temperature of the rubber strip is 0-40 degrees Celsius. If it is lower than 0 degrees Celsius, the hot melt adhesive may quickly solidify and cannot stick. At this time, you can use a hair dryer to heat the adhesive, and then follow the operating procedure operating.

3. Do not use this tool if the paint on the car has been damaged or has fallen off.

4.Because alcohol is a flammable and explosive liquid, please purchase it locally. The inconvenience caused by logistics restrictions will hopefully be appreciated.

5. Keep away from children when using glue gun.

6. The shop does not support return without reason. The returned product must not affect the secondary sales, otherwise the customer service has the right to refuse the return!

Weight; 1.78 (kg)
Product Packaging; Carton
Name; Automotive Depression Repair Tool
Range of use; car repair




PK32-CS-CW-X  (1)

PK32-CS-CW-X  (2)

PK32-CS-CW-X  (3)

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